Course Category Identifier 1 - STCW Safety Courses
# Package Number Name
1 TP-STCW-BST-A-1001 Basic Safety Training
2 TP-STCW-BST-PST-A-1001-1 Personal Survival Techniques
3 TP-STCW-BST-FP&FF-A-1001-2 Fire Prevention and Fire-fighting
4 TP-STCW-BST-EFA-A-1001-3 Elementary First Aid
5 TP-STCW-BST-PSSR-A-1001-4 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
6 TP-STCW-MEFA-1002 Medical Emergency First Aid
7 TP-STCW-MC-A-1003 Medical Care
8 TP-STCW-AFF-A-1004 Advanced Fire-fighting
9 TP-STCW0EFF-A-1005 Extended Fire-fighting
10 TP-STCW-PSCRB-A-1006 Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats - not including Fast Rescue Boat
11 TP-STCW-PFRB-A-1007 Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat
12 TP-STCW-FFLF-A-1008 Free-fall Lifeboat Familiarisation
13 TP-STCW-FFLC-A-1009 Free-fall Lifeboat Coxswain
14 TP-STCW-CM-A-1010 Crowd Management
15 TP-STCW-CM&HB-A-1011 Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (MoME)

Course Category Identifier 2 - Security Courses
# Package Number Name
1 TP-ISPS-I-ISPS-C-2001-1 Introduction to International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
2 TP-STCW-ISPS-SSO-A-2001-2 Ship Security Officer
3 TP-ISPS-CSO-A-2001-3 Company Security Officer
4 TP-ISPS-PFSO-A-2001-4 Port Facility Security Officer
5 TP-ISPS-OFSO-A-2001-5 Offshore Facility Security Officer
6 TP-STCW-STAS-A-2002 Security Training for ALL Seafarers
7 TP-STCW-STSDSD-A-2003 Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties